Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I am not used to working and school full time. The transition has not been easy. I am shorter with my patience and myself. When things don't work, it is extrememly irritating. I am also not as tolerant of interruptions in my clas and typical middle school issues with student behaviors. I just don't have that much patience any more. It's better on Thursdays and Fridays. but Monday - Wednesday is tough... Best to just stay on task and take it easy on the teacher. Have to learn to deal with stress.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Brother

My brother is a wonder. I still remember the day that he came into my life. It was the night that I pulled my first all-nighter and couldn't sleep - I was so excited to meet him! I thought every day about how I would get to hold him in the rocking chair in his room-- how I would read to him and show him around the street in my wagon, hold his hand when we went walking on hikes, and spending time helping him learn about all the things I knew. I had to go and spend the evening with some other family as he was born, but then... I got to go to the hospital to see him. It was back when they didn't allow anyone other than the husband into the room, but my mom had an outside room, so I got to see him through the window.

I still remember holding him (briefly) for the first time in my blue, cartoon animal print dress that tied at the shoulders and posing for yet another of our infamous family photos. It was one of the best days of my life, although I slept in a lot the next day as my brain was a little bit fuzzy from the lack of sleep and the sudden feeling of responsibility and no longer being alone - I was now a big sister and I had someone else to share my families journey with.