Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am very happy to be with my students today. They are on task, working and writing like they should be. We have established a good routine.




Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WAVE this week - Sept. 14 - 18

indifferent - having no preference.
How can you be so indifferent to the sufferings of these children?

bolster - support, prop up
The worker tried to bolster the wall so it would not fall down.

WAVE WEDNESDAY: Practice deconstructing prompts and figuring out what it is that you are supposed to be writing. Example of how to break down a prompt can be found here.

Think about the teachers/coaches you have had. Was there a teacher who was special to you in some way? Pretend that you have been asked to present the Golden Pencil Award to that teacher. Write the tribute you will read as you make your presentation.

THURSDAY - Commonplace books. Bring a 2-d (flat) artifact that has some meaning to write about for 20 minutes.

FRIDAY - Counselor's Activity - Writing SMART goals that have specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timed goals for the week.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Week #28

astute (PAVE)
olfactory (PAVE)
laud (making connections)
onus (making connections)

CHOOSE ONE of the prompts to add to MOODLE under the
May 14
On this day in 1804, the Lewis & Clark began. Their journey had them exploring unknown land in the West. Would you have liked to of been a member of their expedition party? Why or why not?

May 16
On this day in 1866, the first US nickel, called the “Shield Nickel” was minted. Over the past several years, a series of state quarters have been minted. Design a new coin for your state that highlights an important place, event or symbol. Be sure to include a description of your coin, along with a sketch. PDF

May 17
On May 17, 1875, the first Kentucky Derby was held. Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about the Kentucky Derby and summarize them in your own words.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WAVE Week #27

TUESDAY -- Definition Word Chart


Sorry, have to find your own definitions this week -- no purple sheets

Are you A good Citizen (in moodle).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WAVE Items #11

Gabcast! WAVE Items #11

Week #27 2008
TUESDAY VOCAB -- Word Understanding

STRUT - a self-important walk (there are other definitions as well -- ).
His strut along the campus shows his self-confidence and slight arrogance.

CAULDRON - a huge cooking pot (again, more than one definition for this word).
The cauldron contained a large amount of boiling stew ready to be served to the line of people.

WEDNESDAY WRITING - Complete in moodle.
Today is "Home Run Day" in honor of baseball great Hank Aaron hitting his first home run in 1954.

If someone was to create a day to honor a first for you, what would that day be called and what events of yours would it honor?

Explain a time when you felt like "strutting" a bit -- what happened to make you want to walk a bit more confidently? Answer in mooodle - WAVE VOCAB EXTENSION: Strut

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Week #26


gullible (overly trusting).
He is so gullible that he believes everything he reads in The National Inguirer.

obsolete (no longer valid).
Some computers, after only a couple of years usage, become obsolete and must be replaced by newer models.

On this day in 1867, aviator Wilbur Wright was born. Through a lifetime of commitment, the Wright brothers performed the first ever manned powered flight.

What types of lifetime dreams do you have for yourself?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

WAVE #25


ELUCIDATE (to explain; to make clear)

Teachers mush carefully elucidate the lessons if their students are going to understand the content.

ABSTAIN (desist; go without; withdraw)

During certain holidays some religious people abstain from eating certain foods because it goes against their beliefs.


"The noblest question in the world is, what good can i do in it?" - Benjamin Franklin

Use the SAY (write the quote) MEAN (what does it mean to you MATTER (what implications/impact does it have on your life?) strategy with this quote.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WAVE Week #24


DISSENT (disagreement): There was a great deal of dissent among the different groups regarding how the school funds should be spent.

RUMINATE (think over something; ponder): When students take time to ruminate about their learning, they tend to do better in school.

March 26th is "Make up Your Own Holiday Day". So, create your own holiday. Keep in mind: (1) the day; (2) the reason for celebrating; (3) special events that will take place; and (4) any type of symbols that will be associated with your holiday.

Write in MOODLE then copy to your PB WIKI page for full credit.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

WAVE #22 Trimester 3


DIGRESSION - straying from a topic.
Many times a speaker's digression from the subject can leave the audience confused about the the topic

DEBUNKING - exposing false claims or myths
The counselor spent her time debunking the false idea that being skinny was the way to fit in at school.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

TUESDAY - Making Connections

LAVISH - on grade scale; wasteful

The parents spent a lot of money on a lavish wedding for their daughter.

BOLSTER - support; prop up

The group of friends bolsters positive energy by singing together.

Read the following article. Think about the definition of the word "bolster". What has done the most to bolster the campaign of Sen. Obama in the last few weeks? Write your response in your journal.

Friday, February 22, 2008

MY ACCESS ALERT... This coming week you will be working on MyAccess essays - that is for EVERYONE. So be sure to get your username and password from Mr. C on Monday. You will have another guest teacher from Tues- Friday. I am have been cleared to return (barring any chicken pox from the 6th graders and/or the flu from anyone still infected) the first week in March.

Be sure to do the outline and the rough drafts -- there are places in Moodle. Mr. C is working on getting all your grades done and in that he has collected and I will be adding in the other moodle and quia grades over the next week so when I come back, hope to have the grades mostly updated.

For those who have been sick, sorry - it was a nasty flu this time- however, get your work in and posted asap. Report cards are just around the corner. You may see me walking around the campus next week -- it is on my walking route. :)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Periods 3 and 5 - Your exercises are in the older packets. Please help Mr. C so that all the computers can get to PB wikis. If you have a WIKI assignment and it just won't work, post on moodle -- Mr. C will be adding some and so will I when I am able.

Periods 4 - 6 Sorry about PB wikis. Will add some draft places on the moodle site.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sorry no WAVE words just encouragement to keep up on your posts on all of the boards. They will count towards report cards. Miss you all and will see you in March.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

JUST AN UPDATE - Surgery went well on Jan. 16th -- was up in my hospital room by 5:00 pm. The hospital staff were terrific and I was released home to continue my recovery on Jan. 19th after my last lunch in the hospital.

First day home went well and rested. Second day went well - rested a lot. Yesterday I pushed it a little too much (who knew that stairs could be so tiring???) and paid with a bit more pain and immobility.

Doing well - just hard to take it easy. Miss my students and look forward to seeing you all when I am cleared to return. Be good and keep up with all those posts --- I am able to check my email and Mr. C has the power to look at them and grade them as well. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week #15

VOCAB: Word Understanding Record

DEFERENCE (a show of respect): When a scholar dies deference is shown by flying a flag at half mast.

LOQUACIOUS (talkative): The loquacious group of students sitting in the back of the room were chatting about the dance after school.

Today is National Be Kind to Your Teacher Day. If you could invent your own day, what would it be called? What would you want people to do on your special day?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Week #14

TUESDAY VOCAB: Making Connections

PROTRACTED (drawn out; lengthy). The school year seemed long and protracted because of the extended day.

ADVERSITY (hardship). Some people take adversity in their lives and turn it into something positive.

Elvis Presley was born on this day in 1935. Presely is well known as "The King of Rock and Roll."

Do you have a certain song or type of music that you listen to depending on your feelings? Explain why you listen to this song or type of music.