Sunday, August 13, 2006

World Trade Center
I watched the movie with my boyfriend today. Some question whether it was too soon to release it -- I would have to say, for me, no -- it was not too soon. Whereas I almost wanted to bolt due to the incredibly strong emotions that the movie was bringing up, I realized that I was beginning to forget some of the facts from that day.

Will never forget the emotion as it was one of my best and yet my worst days of teaching. I feel that I was absolutely in the right place, where I could offer what I was destined to give, however, was tough when I was touched with a personal note when one of my friends was identified as being on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.

I remember all of that. My students and I cried a lot during that week or so as we shared news of relatives and talked as much as we needed. We gave everyone what they needed -- some needed space, others needed to be busy, some needed rest.

What the movie did for me? It helped me connect with the human-ness that cropped up as a result. Those connections with humanity that in the interim have been pushed a little farther down the list of what is truly important and the movie brought that back to the forefront for me. The movie reminded me of my time in Michigan with my mother and grandmother earlier this month, and that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes when you feel centered, aligned body, mind, and soul. That everything you are doing, feeling, including how your are living and what priorities you have are in perfect balance. It's one of those -- I am okay moments that happen so rarely.

Is it too soon? Guess it depends on where you are. For me, it was perfect as I get ready for another school year and reconnecting with my friends and family. Not sure if it may be the right time for someone else or for my students. If you do venture out to see the movie with middle-school-aged students, I would make sure to set aside time afterwards to talk about life, the event, and some of your core values. You may also need to be prepared to answer some questions.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What I Believe - Summer 2006
I believe that inspiration and self-knowledge can come from the most unlikely sources. I learned to think outside the box, to trust in myself and my abilities, to handle stress and frustration. I learned that even though you ask the questions, there are times when you will not be given the answers and will be held accountable anyway. I learned to believe in myself and my instincts. I learned to fly -- to the stars and back, even if I didn't do it perfectly. I believe in family and unplugging from the grid. I learned the beauty of a mid-summer night in Michigan can illuminate more than just the sky during the frequent lightning storms. I learned that there is much more to life than "plugging in" and "turning on." I also learned that there are times when you just have to jump with the things that are thrown at you -- sometimes in the middle of the night.

I believe in the coming school year and the promise of an incredible school year. I believe in making so many memories that you just want to share then with everyone (rather they really want to hear it or not). I believe in going beyond your comfort zone, maintaining balance, and the odd healing powers of trashy TV.