Thursday, November 17, 2005

ANNIVERSARY... Coming up (tomorrow) on the anniversary of the day that I almost lost my mom... I got the call about 2pm on the Friday before the November break (from one of my adopted mommies) that my mom was in Intensive Care and waiting for a pacemaker. I was in the middle of a big meeting at the time and after composing myself, calling for my driver to meet me at home, scooped up things to work on, rapidly packed a few bags for the week and started speed dialing the cell phone on the way to the hospital.

It's been almost a year and I was wondering why this week I have been rather pre-occupied and unfocused... Took until yesterday, during a meeting and my masters' class to realize what it was about. My Mom was fine and I spent the whole week pampering her-- putting in a shower head so she could shower without raising her arm, cleaning, cooking and collecting food.

My mom usually hosts Thanksgiving (a tradition) so she had let the pantry run down to make space for things... needless to say, we needed sustenance and did not have the energy nor was it recommended by the doctors' for her to be out amongst crowds while recovering. I joked with her that there were eaiser ways of getting me to spend time with her (she is a bit sarcastic, like me). We had a great time and my boyfriend came up every day and went back almost every night to tend to the house and the cat.

This year, I just have to plan where and when to have dinner. What a difference a year makes.