Sunday, April 30, 2006

I love my family-- can you tell we are related? Aunt Evelyn, me and my Mom posed for a family portrait as we do every year at my Mom's place. We have a great time together hanging out together and swapping stories and talking about things. It's so fulfilling and so nice to catch your breath and just really relax with people who care about you and who enjoy spending time with you.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Third Trimester begins...

This trimester am trying a version of the five week project but with two new options. Want to make sure that we cover everything that the students want (and I know they will need to use) and also have some ownership of the class. Want the students to have some ownership of the class... we can learn together from one another rather than it always being a one-way street. I enjoy that type of learning more than the stand and deliver type of teaching.

This is also the trimester with the wacky schedules so should be a challenge. Looking forward to learning about podcasting (we are going to learn together) and post some podcasts for the ESMS part of the district website. One student, one assignment, one day at a time.