Monday, November 26, 2007

WAVE TEST TOMORROW -- Use these to help you study for the test...
* WAVE T1 Words Review

* WAVE T1 Words Review: Hangman

* WAVE T1 Words Review: Challenge Board

Friday, November 23, 2007


Have spent the holidays RELAXING, RESTING, and taking time OFF from grading (sorry folks). Spent time down at my Mom's the whole weekend - heading home after spending some time down with my father as well on Saturday. Sunday will be a baby shower in Montebello starting at noon. Attended a play, finished wrapping and sending most of my Christmas presents including ordering the last few items online.

Working on catching up on reading as well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

WEEK #10 November 13, 2007

MAKING CONNECTIONS - Start with the target word. Then, put the word into context with a sample sentence. Follow that with two columns: on the left, what the word is (definition and a few synonyms), and on the right, what it is not (antonyms). Next comes "I'd probably find this word in these contexts (places, events, people, situations).... list places that you would think the word might be used. Lastly, "I'll remember the word by connecting it to..." - explain how you will remember the word.

FUTILE (hopeless; without effect). To ask for more candy was a futile attempt by a toddler.

IMPARTIAL (unbiased, neutral). A referee must be impartial to both teams.

Wednesday Writing
Today is "National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day." Do you know what's in your refrigerator? Think about all the food you keep in your refigerator. What is your favorite "refrigerator" food?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

WEEK #9 November 6, 2007


DOGMATIC (stubbornly opinionated).
The highly opinionated critic gave a dogmatic review of the performance.

EXCULPATE (free someone from blame, pardon, acquit).
Juries can exculpate people accused of crimes.


Scientist Marie Cure was born on this day in 1867. Curie received a Nobel Peace Prive for her discovery of radium and polonium.

This discovery was a great advancement for science. Thinking about science and discoveries, what do you think has been the most important discovery? Explain your answer.