Thursday, May 31, 2007

Week #33 (held over)
7th Grade = SQUANDER (to waste). The man will squander so much money over the year that he could buy a car with the money he wastes.
8th Grade = LAUD (to praise). The parents laud the singers for their exceptional performance on stage.

WED WRITING - Citizenship
Citizens have rules to follow. Students are citizens in their classes. Write about a set of rules from any class that you have been enrolled in during your educational career. What were the rules and responsibilities? How do or did you feel about them? Would you change any of them? Why or why not?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WHEW! You are in for a treat we will be working with many new items and will work on many new things that are coming up. Hope testing went well for you all today -- I know how you feel on the first day of school -- whew! Will gently make them available to you so that you will have some things to work on over the summer and then be able to come back (if you take my class again).
Building Innovators: Google Training
Card activity and finding innovations, build the tower and then find a way to use things in your classroom

Snapz Pro X and ishowu
screen captures
free keyboarding site with blogs and chats as well
free web-logs; many items
online collaboration

Ten Top Things that Google has found to be true? (reflection)
  • find what works for your students
  • push for what you want for your students and have people to work on things
  • information that we still don't have is endless

Ancora Imparo - Always Learning

  • Deactivate Pro if it locks up
  • create video and then you can also put in on the ipod
  • Look into preferences (3D View)
    • change the elevation, speed, terrain quality to adjust to what you are doing
    • TOURING - speed set for how fast you fly
      • .1190
      • .1190
      • 1.7
        • halls settings
    • Placemakrs
      • show the tour with the captions
  • Movies
    • not your settings when you change them
    • not infinite loop can be used for open house to keep it going
    • start them at their own homes moving towards school
    • Take screen shots with data markers
      • use flickr/delicious files
  • Pay attention to your clicked items when you play - may end up at weird places
  • When you are working, goes into temporary files and you save to other places when you exit
  • Pictures can be from the web or specific location on your computer (name a folder that you don't move) - will not work on the other machine wihout re-locating the information
  • snapz Pro X ; ishowU (mac screen shots, etc.)

COPA Compliance Act (all students)
Must be sure to keep their names safe and off their work

  • can type in his/her name and find all the work that they have done that semester - ELECTRONIC PORTFOLIO
  • Revisions History - shows the work that they are starting with; cannot do the footnoting as well
    • gmail account = access to all the tools that are available google based
    • google account = can enter the clary the fairy account that will give them access to the email
  • Beginning ASSIGNMENTS
    • personality profile
    • moview reviews
    • restaurant reviews
    • book reviews
    • product reviews
    • peer editing built into program
    • collaborate work on investigative stories
    • easy to publish work to webpage
    • etc
    • all students submit articles
    • editors edit articles at night
    • save as many different items
  • TAG the documents
  • CHANGE DISPLAY NAMES so that you know what is going on and how you know what is going on.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

WEEK #32 - Word Understanding Record = do both 7th and 8th grade words.

7th Grade = philanthropist (someone who benefits mankind).
The philantropist gave the majority of his money to poor countries so schools and hospitals could be built.

8th Grade = denounce (to speak against publicly). As the war in Iraq continues more politicians are beginning to denounce it.

The Statue of Liberty has represented fairness, equality, opportunity, and freedom. Rank and list these in order of importance to you and explain your reasons.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wave #31

7th Grade = eccentric (odd; out of the ordinary; quirky).

Her eccentric and unusual clothes made her stand out in a crowd.

8th Grade = strut (a self-important walk)

His strut along the campus shows his self-confidence and slight arrogance.
Wednesday Writing
Citizenship... How do you define who you are as an individual? How do you answer when you are asked, "Who are you?" is there more to who you are than you let people know? Give details. What are some characteristics that you would like people to remember you for? Why?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Week 28 Making Connections
7th Grade -= benign (kindly, good-natured). The benign dog had a loud bark but would never hurt anyone.
8th Grade = dissent (disagreement). There was a great deal of dissent among the different groups regarding how the school funds should be spent.

WED WRITING: What values matter the most to you in your life? Why? Do you expect your friends and family members to have similar values? Do you believe it is possible to get along with people who do not share your values? Why or why not?
Week #29 Word Understanding Record
7th grade = credulous (gullible; ready to believe without proof.)_. The credulous young child still believed in fairies and witches, while having no proof of such an existence.

8th Grade = elucidate (to explain; to make clear). Teachers must carefully elucidate the lessons if their students are going to understand the content.

WED WRITING: Think of a time that you have cared for someone or something. What did you do to take care of it/them? What did you learn from that situation? Explain.

WEEK #30

7th Grade = disparage (to speak poorly of). The parents disparage of the students efforts because they have forgotten how hard it is to be a student.

8th Grade = gullible (overly trusting) He is so gullible that he believes everything he reads in The National Inquirer.

WED What is the nicest thing you have every done for your best friend? What made it so nice? What is the nicest thing your best friend has done for you? how did it make you feel?