Friday, February 22, 2008

MY ACCESS ALERT... This coming week you will be working on MyAccess essays - that is for EVERYONE. So be sure to get your username and password from Mr. C on Monday. You will have another guest teacher from Tues- Friday. I am have been cleared to return (barring any chicken pox from the 6th graders and/or the flu from anyone still infected) the first week in March.

Be sure to do the outline and the rough drafts -- there are places in Moodle. Mr. C is working on getting all your grades done and in that he has collected and I will be adding in the other moodle and quia grades over the next week so when I come back, hope to have the grades mostly updated.

For those who have been sick, sorry - it was a nasty flu this time- however, get your work in and posted asap. Report cards are just around the corner. You may see me walking around the campus next week -- it is on my walking route. :)