Wednesday, October 05, 2005

WHAT IS WAVE? WAVE is Writing And Vocabulary Enrichment. Every Monday, each grade level gets a new word to work with. We have students predict the definition, mark how well they know the word then rotate through three different activities designed to make meaning from the word. Each student has a notebook and we keep track of all the words we have learned. 8th Grade has the most uncommon words, 6th grade the most common and 7th has those inbetween SAT words.

Every Wedensday, we respond to a quote or a situation involving character counts in part two of the vocabulary book.

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY are saved for Commonplace Books. Commonplace books are based around student-selected artifacts which are pasted into the commonplace book and then responded to in writing on the following pages. The entries are then shared on Fridays using a variety of techniques. The commonplace books are not diaries, rather a writing that will be shared with others to help build community.

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