Thursday, December 22, 2005

Two Days to Go!
Only two days will the holiday break - YEAH! We are going long this week. This trimester is going to be tough on the students as we transition from learning skills to application which also brings more assessment of skills, rather than just credit for practice.

Notebooks also become very important and many students struggle with this transition. We have also been blessed with some new additions to our class - I am lucky that I have students willing to share what they have learned with the new students.

We are also finishing our videos from the This I Believe Project. It has been a trimester (and then some) project. Hope to have the results DONE before we leave on Thursday so we can watch a few of them --- once we figure out how to effectively burn them to DVD. Assemblies today and tomorrow... new schedule and that should be interesting -- hasn't been tried before.

Been working on assessing and giving students' feedback on work since about 3:30 am (couldn't sleep). My goal for this trimester is more formative assessments (i.e. checking to see where students are with the material and what they understand) and more feedback (aka responding to posts and responses to writing and assignments). Time for yoga and facing the day.. will be ready for the Dec. 24th shopping rush.. hope I can help my pal get shopping done EARLY and enjoy the Christmas Eve spirit. Then down to Mission Viejo for a few days and then rest and relaxation (and some chores) at home.

Look forward to seeing everyone in class again in 2006.

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