Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today is a better day. Still sad about my last grand passing (grandmother) and am getting adjusted to the idea that all I have left are my aunts and parents in the grand scheme of family order and such. Looking for ways to stay connected to that part of the world since it is such a big part of my existence and who I am. Sure, never lived there yet there is a strong connection.

Trying to find ways to get students inspired about learning in general. So many seem genuinely disinterested in anything having to do with finding out about things that they haven't gotten to see/understand. Wondering where is the sense of adventure that comes from just listening to something and then allowing it time to percolate and develop into a new sense of the world. For instance, watched a Discovery Channel show about water -- would have been great to have that clip to show to students -- really very interesting to see what water goes through before ending up in your water from the tap.

Where is that sense of adventure and desire to learn in our students? Maybe we need to look at different ways of getting the material across - hard to cheat if you are doing an experiment and presenting the results to a national and or local regulatory agency or presenting in front of the board of directors. Hard to get a "cheat list" for something like that... Just ideas.

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