Thursday, April 19, 2007

Time.... is on my side....

I am having a GREAT TIME. We are working on some newer material and amazingly enough, it seems to be holding up pretty well. Today is a catch-up day (think tomatoes) for the students since there have been, well some folks not doing homework on a regular schedule, hence, some of our discussions have been lacking a bit of participation.

Things that seem to work best:
  • energy from the teacher (shocker)
  • having LOTS of little things planned to break up the day
  • many different TYPES of things to do rather than just sitting in one spot forever
  • giving lots of time for REFLECTION on the work
I am also enjoying being able to plan things --- it is something that I have found that suites me. If it involves a system for getting something done, I will be able to figure out a plan that most likely will work.

I am also being inspired by the students' enthusiasm for the work, the material, and how willing they are to work and to try. I have also been getting back into the habit of reading again and that is providing additional inspiration. I hope to inspire some students to come to the realization so eloquently stated below.

" What she showed me today is that a truly self-reliant person takes action, leaving nothing to chance and everything to themselves. She showed me that excuses will not bring about success and that adversity is not something you walk with, but something you leap over. The only obstacles ar the ones you allow. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A truly self-reliant person finds his weak leak and strengthens it. I want to be a self-reliant person, now and forever."
>>>from CONVERGE MAGAZINE, Winter 2007 edition, pg. 12 in M. Leights column. Quote is from one of Erin Gruwell's students.

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