Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Week 28 Making Connections
7th Grade -= benign (kindly, good-natured). The benign dog had a loud bark but would never hurt anyone.
8th Grade = dissent (disagreement). There was a great deal of dissent among the different groups regarding how the school funds should be spent.

WED WRITING: What values matter the most to you in your life? Why? Do you expect your friends and family members to have similar values? Do you believe it is possible to get along with people who do not share your values? Why or why not?
Week #29 Word Understanding Record
7th grade = credulous (gullible; ready to believe without proof.)_. The credulous young child still believed in fairies and witches, while having no proof of such an existence.

8th Grade = elucidate (to explain; to make clear). Teachers must carefully elucidate the lessons if their students are going to understand the content.

WED WRITING: Think of a time that you have cared for someone or something. What did you do to take care of it/them? What did you learn from that situation? Explain.

WEEK #30

7th Grade = disparage (to speak poorly of). The parents disparage of the students efforts because they have forgotten how hard it is to be a student.

8th Grade = gullible (overly trusting) He is so gullible that he believes everything he reads in The National Inquirer.

WED What is the nicest thing you have every done for your best friend? What made it so nice? What is the nicest thing your best friend has done for you? how did it make you feel?