Tuesday, November 13, 2007

WEEK #10 November 13, 2007

MAKING CONNECTIONS - Start with the target word. Then, put the word into context with a sample sentence. Follow that with two columns: on the left, what the word is (definition and a few synonyms), and on the right, what it is not (antonyms). Next comes "I'd probably find this word in these contexts (places, events, people, situations).... list places that you would think the word might be used. Lastly, "I'll remember the word by connecting it to..." - explain how you will remember the word.

FUTILE (hopeless; without effect). To ask for more candy was a futile attempt by a toddler.

IMPARTIAL (unbiased, neutral). A referee must be impartial to both teams.

Wednesday Writing
Today is "National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day." Do you know what's in your refrigerator? Think about all the food you keep in your refigerator. What is your favorite "refrigerator" food?

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