Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Week #27 2008
TUESDAY VOCAB -- Word Understanding

STRUT - a self-important walk (there are other definitions as well -- ).
His strut along the campus shows his self-confidence and slight arrogance.

CAULDRON - a huge cooking pot (again, more than one definition for this word).
The cauldron contained a large amount of boiling stew ready to be served to the line of people.

WEDNESDAY WRITING - Complete in moodle.
Today is "Home Run Day" in honor of baseball great Hank Aaron hitting his first home run in 1954.

If someone was to create a day to honor a first for you, what would that day be called and what events of yours would it honor?

Explain a time when you felt like "strutting" a bit -- what happened to make you want to walk a bit more confidently? Answer in mooodle - WAVE VOCAB EXTENSION: Strut

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