Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Task: Read "No Sweets, Please" about a girl who shares food with a friend who has a pre-existing condition that on a restricted diet. The goal is to finish the story taking into consideration Marsha's concerns that she may have contributed to an adverse reaction and what she would do to change her behavior to help her friend.

Marsha decided to go to the library and do some research on diabetes to find out if the food she had been sharing with Jergen might have had an impact on his condition. When she found that diabetics need to monitor their blood sugar carefully and that Jergen was known for not following those directions, Marsha decided to change her ways.

Part of Marsha's plan including starting to say "NO" to things that she really didn't feel like doing, but did anyway so that people would like her. Marsha let her friends talk her into many things that she didn't quite feel right about, but again, she didn't want to make anyone mad at her or to upset anyone.

When Jergen returned from the hospital, he once again, asked Marsha for her desserts. However, Marsha was prepared. Since she didn't like sweets anyway, she had asked her father not to put any sweets in her lunch. She explained that she didn't eat them anyway and that they usually got squished in her lunch bag.

So, when Jergen asked for the dessert that he knew Marsha would not eat anyway, he was suprised when Marsha told him, "Sorry, Jergen. I don't really like sweets, so I just asked my dad not to spend the extra money on them. Instead of the Twinkies and other sweets, I am getting the money that would have been spent buying those things that I wasn't eating anyway in my allowance.Why don't go and take a lap when we are both done with our meals and after you have checked your blood sugar."

From then on, Marsha's friends noticed that she was a "pushover" no more. She only did what she really enjoyed and often offered alternatives rather than just going along with whatever anyone tried to get her to do. Marsha and Jergen made walks at lunch a regular event and eventually set up a walkathon fundraiser for the whole school for the American Diabetes Association and donated the monies in Jergen's name.

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