Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WAVE PROMPT: What do you like most about yourself? Least about yourself? Why?

I listen. I have a natural ability to pick up on where people are in their life's journey and a means of connecting to the person on the inside, behind the mask. I see the core and am able to filter out the manifestations of protection that occur when one has been hurt along the journey. I enjoy that I can be a great listener, although lately, I haven't been able to process much or take the time to listen to the lives of others. I like that I "get" people and look beyond pretense and bad days, knowing that the people who are in my life are there for a reason. I have something to learn from them and if I am willing to truly slow down and listen, I will be given an invaluable piece of the my life's puzzle.

Right now, I least like the fact that I have to say "NO" and focus on myself more than I ever have at any time in my life. I am coming up on a major deadline, with parameters and requirements that seem to change daily. Frustration is the least objectionable and most politically correct term that I can use to describe the process of trying to meet the ever-changing, and rapidly-approaching deadline. I want to be able to sit and reflect and to ponder the universe. I miss having time to listen for the messages that have been left for me. I miss my time for reflection.

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