Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Working my way Back to You!
On a later flight tonight, but weather permitting should be back in class tomorrow (Wednesday). The funeral for my grandma was held on the 22nd and the internment at the cemetery was mercifully brief as the Michigan winds were kicking up. We had a lunch afterwards with about 100 people in attendance - most were family. Been helping box and ship and clear out the house the past few days.

Weather is open for today, but another strong storm is expected later tomorrow and hoping to get the next connection before any more delays. It's a balmy 35 degrees or so today and although my grandma's rented house got lots of snow, the roads were clear today. We'll see! Weather around here changes often.

Get your WIKIS updated and Period 2 take the background off from the front page that was added please :). Hope to see you soon. Have pictures of the snow to show you!

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