Thursday, February 08, 2007


When things go wrong with tech, life can be very frustrating. Like needing to unplug an overhead projector because somehow it interferes with a grading program? Very odd. I like logic. If A is not working, it's because of B, C, or D. However lately, that has not been the case.

Grading program won't boot up? Check to see if you used blue fonts last! Have to reset a password once every 45 days? Just do it daily and it seems to work. Technology frustrations abound... and when it doesn't make sense, it's that much more irritating.

Cannot get hi-speed modem to connect even though it's one, plugged in, and the lights are blinking? Then just unplug everything reboot! If only life were that way... cluttered house? Just have the magic people take everything out and only put back in what is necessary. Scrap your car on a metal pole? Just have someone re-finish and re-paint it for you. The problem with all these little tasks is that they take TIME.

Sure, most people think teachers have all this "free time". This includes meetings before and after school, grading and responding to over 150 papers-- over 200 for some and this is supposed to be informative comments so that the students can improve-- not just a score. Then entering the grades, updating the homework site, sitting on at least one or two committees, responding to parent/teacher/staff emails (preferred), phone calls and notes. Differentiated instruction for EVERYONE in class above those who have formal plans and accommodations in place, managing the classroom network (for techies) and that FREE TIME for organizing? There are only 24 hours in the day. There is not a teacher I know who does not bring papers home (or stays very late to get them done the next day).

Do I love my job? it very misunderstood by the public as to what the responsibilities of teachers are in this day and age? ABSOLUTELY!!! Higher pay is one aspect that would be helpful and I would love to have an expense account so that I could have things that personally help me be more organized. Give me Paris Hilton's or another high-paid athlete, or personalities income for a week and I would probably make more than two or three years' work of salary.

The incredible amount of time that is required to prepare, reflect on the day, then adapt for additional learning experiences is phenomenal. It's a great job... just some days the technology that we have to make life "easier" ends up making it that much more difficult and cumbersome. There are days I enjoy just unplugging and reading a book. Anything without wires.

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