Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How do the choices you make shape your/our future, fate, or destiny? Why or why not?

Fate or destiny? I am a believer that everyone has a path... if you listen to that little voice inside you when you are still, in nature, away from the din of the electronic, you will hear and know what path and which decisions to make. One can go NUTS analyzing every choice, so the way it works for me is to pause before committing to anything or saying anything that seems out of character for someone who is polished, serene and happy with where they are in life.

If it's not right-- it just doesn't SIT right. I see most people as having spiritual, mental (i.e. business, etc. ), and health aspects. If everything is working and the decisions are honoring all of the three, then you have a sense of peace, accomplishment, and that everything is somehow right with the world. If you make a choice that is not right for you -- you feel it.. It may be a few minutes later (like when you yell at someone and you really didn't mean it -- you were just having an extremely awful day), a week later, or sometimes years later as you look back and reflect.

Sometimes, at least for me, the choices seemed rather inconsequential -- just a computer purchase, a car, etc. and yet those decisions for me ended up making all the difference -- it helped put me on my path and allowed me to become who I am and led me to the things that I love to do. Would one choice along the way have changed all that? Probably not, but it might have changed the level, the depth and the intensity of the shape of my life. If I had moved from this area, who knows? If I had gotten the job with Stars and Stripes in Europe right out of college -- my locale and life experiences would have been different. However, I think I would have always ended up teaching in some fashion.

How have my choices influenced/shaped my future, fate and destiny? They have led me to where I feel I am meant to be. Are there still things that I would change and/or alter? Of course, but those decisions didn't lead me away from my true path-- just took me on some deadends that I had to re-trace my steps to get back. Sometimes they took me through some briar patches and I had to fight to get back on track, but I am where I am supposed to be--- for now.

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